Welcome to our little part of Costa Rica.

 We utilize fallen or root rotted trees and turn them into Pen Blanks, Bowl Blanks, Bottle Stopper Blanks, Knife Scales, Pistol Scales, etc., so that ultimate use of the trees is possible.These trees may have fallen from Rot or been a problem tree for a land owner, such as danger of falling on a house or barn. We are in NO way involved in destruction of Rain forests. We do custom sawing of logs for customers that have approval from the Forestry Division (MINAE) with permits to cut selected trees. We are NOT loggers.


 From these sources, we get to gather pieces of unique designs and shapes of wood, from Species in our part of Costa Rica. There are many Micro climates here, and that means certain species of trees only grow in certain parts of the country.


 We also have a small plantation we planted and one day, a year or two from now, we will start to harvest and replant some of those trees, with approval of MINAE.

This Photo is Lapo Wood

 It came from a farm where the tree fell from a landslide following an earthquake. We sawed the tree into usable lumber and got to pick up sections that were not usable for lumber. Stuff like this is not common, and, we do our best to keep looking for the unusual stuff.

Enjoy our website and you may find something that you like.


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